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We are the inventors and sole distributor of the SF-2000, a remedy in powder and capsule form for the treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS.

The medicine has been tested scientifically in the laboratories in Zambia, in South Africa and United States of America, and has been found to be non-toxic to normal MT4 cells and efficacious by killing the HIV virus and does not interfere with other medicines that you may be taking.

It has also been tested in animals and has been found safe.

The Government of Zambia is now preparing to carry out further trials of safety and efficacy in human beings.

Complementary to these findings, in 2006 National Aids Council conducted an open observational and explanatory clinical study and 10 persons were put on SF-2000.

The product showed that six out of ten increased in CD4 cell count correspondent to Viral Load reduction and also their physical and clinical status improved drastically. No side effects have been noticed in pregnant women or children.

Up to date, the improvement in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS has been remarkable.

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